A huge thanks to the folks at the UNION for welcoming us and letting us lend a hand. We got to help build a greenhouse that will maintain plants throughout the winter, plant seeds for use in the spring, and create holiday decorations to be used at the neighborhood Christmas party. You guys are really making a difference in our community and know that you have our support! We can't wait to see how your impact will continue to grow...and we're glad we've gotten to be a little part of that!" 


12/05/2012 4:00pm

Last session, when we went to UNION, we grew plants, but this session we did something different. We created some decorations to be used at the neighborhood for Christmas.Of course, we had a lot of fun doing the decoration and talking with UNION members there.I want to thank people at UNION for welcoming us''' شكرا لكم=thank you'''

12/06/2012 11:12am

Although the weather was cold, I enjoyed helping the union with the green house (i guess) that we engineered and made. I liked the boat that Shel made, too. (I hope i spelled his name right)

12/06/2012 11:21am

I really liked the flowers that we've made and I was looking foraward to see the art galery..what's more I like the wooden boat..

12/09/2012 9:16am

I had a great time by doing that colorful christmas crafts, and also getting the information that i wanted to know about what the union do and for who they do all this! I'm really glad to be apart of that :D

12/10/2012 5:34am

Never worked with a "holer", but thankfully didn't kill anyone :) Thank you Gallery guys for giving us such an opportunity, and that you Kelli for giving the Gallery an opportunity to give us opportunity :)

12/10/2012 6:11pm

I was totally absorbed in making holiday decorations! It was very interesting and so fun!! Thank you for giving us such a quality time!!

12/10/2012 6:31pm

I made some decorations for christmas party in Union. It was great time to me!! I was happy about helping to Union from me. Thank you for Union!! I won't forget this time :D

12/10/2012 9:06pm

I love it and I want to do it again . Thanks for your time and I hope that I can visit the place a gain.
I had so much fun created the decorations and I met wonderful people.

12/11/2012 9:58pm

I´m so sad that we missed eachother but as I can see and as I heard from all of my classmates... it had to be a wonderful time! Maybe I can go there with the next Service Learning Session ;)


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