Thursday, October 11th, we met our Beveridge partners to see art and create art. Our focus was on "Voices" and making each of our voices heard through writing and pictures on 3 big canvases. These canvases represent us as a group, how we're unique and how we are the same. 
I'd love to know what the UNO students thought about....
the art project
the reading/writing project in which we read about the immigrant experience
the lunch
how we used language (English AND our first languages!)
your understanding of the Latino influence here in Omaha....
Can't wait to read your thoughts! Thanks for giving 100%!

10/14/2012 10:13pm

We spent good time with Beveridge Middle School students.
It was glad to meet them again. Also I enjoyed an ethnic lunch with my partners, three handsome boys.
I was surprised that they remembered about me.

Now I am a little bit regretful because I didn’t explain to detail about pictures. We don’t have enough time. It was tooooo short. I hope they remind about us when they see big canvases.

10/14/2012 11:53pm

Spring, it was fun to see them again wasn't it?!
Did you watch the video yet?
Go to the website page with the "El Museo" title and look for the video button to click! You are in it along with the whole group. :)

10/15/2012 10:21pm

Sure!! I already watched the video :)
It was cool!!

10/15/2012 7:24pm

I was really glad to meet the students of Beveridge Middle School again and have a memorable time with them. At lunch time, I could talked with Rose again who likes Japan very much! Especially,she loves Japanese anime. I wanted to tell her more about interesting Japanese anime if I had a time.
When we created art, I made pair with a very kind and generous boy, Lionail. He was very curious about Japanese language I wrote on the canvases, so he asked me the meaning of the words I wrote.
He also challenged to write Japanese word "かわいい". It means cute in English. I was glad to share Japanese with him. It was a lot of fun for me. I am really appreciate the students and teachers who gave me such a great time!!

10/16/2012 1:19am

I was happy to meet again Beveridge school students. We shared and talked our interests, culture again. Actually, We especially enjoyed to do dance with Gangnam Style. They were so cute and funny. I surprised they know Gangnam Style well !! haha, and, It was interested to attach each pictures that present each countries and each words or sentences that have each language. When i saw that, it was so cool,!
I had a very good time with them. Linor, Eziokel, Ben, Derrick, and whoever!
Actually, some of them got my number because we promised that we meet again to play basketball or whatever we want .
I really hope we meet again! We must have a good time if we meet again,!

10/16/2012 1:20pm

Chan, you were the most interesting person there; you made the students happy and excited, and you danced a lot. great job man ^_^

10/16/2012 1:22pm

Thank u so much! ^_^
lets do dance more together! ~~ XD kkkk

10/16/2012 1:30pm

Sure, let's do it ^_*

10/16/2012 10:55am

Well, there are a lot of great experiences that I had in our trip to the El Museo Latino. Frist of all, the food was nice and delicious. We had a Mexican lunch there with our partners from Beveridge Middle School which was so fun and interesting experience. Another experience was reading and working in an exercise with our partners. My partner was very interesting because he was reading very well. We read a story about some Immigrant workers and their life when they came to U.S. it was very interesting for me. Last experience and most important was creating three art canvases. One of the canvases was writing and the others were picture canvases. They were about so many countries and cultures which we can learn more and more about them just from watching those pictures and those words. I enjoyed each moment when I was there and it was really nice to see the Beveridge students again. We all had a good time and experience there.

Suyeon jeong
10/16/2012 12:45pm

I really was happy to meet them.
These students were so kind to us, so i can communicate with them more easily. Becasue we met 2times, we were very friendly.
Also, we ate mexican food with them. The taste was so delicious. I really love to nacho and salsa source, so i ate again and again.
After that, we made some special art(?) . Our arts looked so good and wonderful. We accomplished in partnership. This process helped to us for understand each country's culture.
It is very good to me. Thanks to kelli~😊

10/16/2012 1:41pm

I had too much fun and the most important thing was the food because I was really hungry. I was happy with my partner because she could understand my easly. I got to know a bit about latino culture.

10/16/2012 1:42pm


10/23/2012 1:27pm

What a fantastic time!!


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