Is more better?
More chocolate is better. More time is better.
But more bills is bad. More snow can be bad unless you like to snow ski.
Today is our first day of Service-Learning! This session we'll have four instructors and maybe about 50 students all together! wow.....We have many more people than any other session so far.
How will we be able to work together? Will we all get along?
But wait......
More people means more relationships, more service, more new friends, and more learning.
I like more!

01/08/2013 11:31am

I love more! More people, more experiences, more learning --
I love more!

01/09/2013 7:47pm

I wonder what everybody else thinks about this new session. You can respond with....
I think it will be fun to...........
I wonder if...........
I hope that I.............
Go ahead and let us know what you are thinking about this class! :)

01/09/2013 8:02pm

I think it would be fun to have services learning class.I really enjoy this class.I hope that i can help the others,make more friends and improve my English.

01/17/2013 7:23am

I think your contributions will be very important!

01/10/2013 10:34am

I like to learn more because I want to see what's the people thinking
I like to learn more because I want to know how I can help the people

I choose the class because this class make me learn more and this is what I want

01/17/2013 7:24am

You are a very inquisitive student!!!

01/10/2013 10:42am

This class is going to be fun and useful for us. I will put my energy on this class to avoid middle school students think Japanese university students are stupid.

01/17/2013 7:23am

I don't think students and people in general think Japanese students are stupid - if anything - they are very smart!

Mohammed Q.
01/10/2013 10:50am

I am happy to have service learing class for help others people, get more experiences, more learning about different cultures and meet some kids. Finally I hope the best for all.

01/17/2013 7:25am

I think you will find that the experience you get will be fantastic!!! memorable!

W Jessica
01/13/2013 10:04pm

I'm glad to be a member of service learning class because It'sa great opportunity to learn about other cultures , share my culture and my tradition with other people,meet great and nice persons starting with my teachers and classmates.I hope we will have a fun time together :-)

01/17/2013 7:22am

I am so glad that you are here too!

01/15/2013 11:44am

The Brazilians are here!!! Let's go guys!!

01/16/2013 10:34pm

Yeap Kelli!! Here we go!!

01/16/2013 10:38pm

Correction - Yea Kelli!! Here we go!!

01/15/2013 4:53pm

Service learning class is going to be fun and useful for each one of US!!
I like meeting new people, have new friends from different countries, and learn from them new things!!

We will enjoy working together!*
Don't forget to Smile=D

01/16/2013 8:34pm

It´s so interesting to have the opportunity of learning more about cultures and understand ourselves better! Welcome, everybody! Maryam, I agree with you, there´s always a good reason to smile!

01/16/2013 9:08pm

That's true Vanda 100%》 there are many good reasons to SMILE.

01/15/2013 6:54pm

Service learning is the most social class in ILUNO. I chose this class to improve my English, meet new people from different counties, and share my thoughts.

01/17/2013 7:25am

It was very nice meeting you August girl!

Valeria Dourado
01/16/2013 7:44pm

It has been a pleasure being part of this community and really amazing to meet many people from such different countries!!!! Nice meeting you all. Hugs

Nanci Augusto
01/16/2013 10:11pm

Participating of this community will be a great experience. I hope that I can contribute with it too!

01/16/2013 10:32pm

It`s been an amazing experience taking part in the Service Learning Class. Here you can meet people of other coutries, other cultures. I hope to learn a lot in it.

01/17/2013 5:20am

I am so glad to be with you! Now I fell the global learning spirit! Thank you very much to give me this opportunity!

01/17/2013 5:23am

I still don't know what was better on this class: to know those wonderful people from different countries, or what we are going to learn together.

PS. Our first day and we needed to sing and dance the Hokey Pokey.... oh God, I don't wanna know what comes next.

01/17/2013 5:55am

I can´t believe I'm here! Finally I'll have the chance to share my knowledge with other teachers. I hope I can find other people like me.

Maria Martins
01/17/2013 6:35am

As my country, Brazil, USA is a melting pot. Learning by interacting to different cultures is the most effective way of getting knowledge.The most interesting is to deal with English in a real way. Knowing other people is a way to know ourselves and see how powerful or limited we are. I really wanna know what Nebraska means. More than share language we can communicate ourselves by our history and stories. I believe it will a very profitable experience.

01/17/2013 7:27am

I am so ecstatic that there are so many students who are enthusiastic about this course. I think we will all learn from each other and even moreso, learn more about ourselves! it will be very challenging to see what we produce as individuals working in a community. KUDOS to all of you for taking part in this!

Vanda rangel
01/17/2013 8:56am

What a nice class and people! I love this rare experience.

01/17/2013 9:07am

It was really great our first class with you! I loved it.

01/17/2013 9:45am

I'm so happy to be with you. I will be absorbed in this class and have good experience!

01/17/2013 11:16am

I like this because I want improve my English.
I want to learn more experience. I'm realy happy in this. I hop to improve my skills in this class

01/17/2013 11:18am

I like what I'm doing in my class to improve my English skills

Khaled alshibl
01/17/2013 11:20am

I really happy because I'm taking this class I think I will have a lot of fun

01/17/2013 3:30pm

I´m feeling happy to take part in this team... It´s such a unique experience of English learning and of life as well...

01/17/2013 3:42pm

I think more knowledge is good for us as we know more people. This class is so great!!!

01/22/2013 9:02am

I loved this class. It was very interactive and we could share a lot of ideas!!!

Melissa Kandido
01/23/2013 9:54am

I think it will be fun to all the countries in the world with all of the great people I have met through this connection.
I wonder if...I will ever tire of being inquisitive about language, culture, geography, tradition (I think not)
I hope that I... get to have you all back at Beveridge again VERY VERY soon!

01/23/2013 7:51pm

Being on Beveridge Middle School was the most incredible tour I`ve ever had. I just loved it. The students were amazing!! Good job!! Thank you!!

01/23/2013 7:59pm

I love this class!!! It's my favorite class!!! I'm waiting for next project ~~~~

01/23/2013 8:35pm

This has been an amazing experience, more discovers each new day, more diversity, and more learning.

Valeria Dourado
01/23/2013 8:50pm

The class at Beveridge school was super!!! Thanks service learning for this great oportunity ....Loved it!!!

01/24/2013 12:09am

This is an interesting course. It allows us to get a lot and learn a lot. I love this class....

Maria Aparecida Martins
01/24/2013 4:26am

Visiting Beveridge school was a great opportunity to know a little bit about American schools, and participating of Martin Luther King`s day as well. Checking the differences and the similarities can enhance our power of doing something different in our reality. I may say it`s a kind of utopia, but what else can move the other than dreaming about good things, a better world? I really enjoyed the experience of "having seen the moon from the other side of the world."

Vanda Gomes
01/24/2013 5:11am

This class brings for students and teachers a meaningful learnirng. For me, it´s a unique experience in which I´ll try to learn as much as I can and afer, share it with brazilian people. The visit to Beveridge Middle School was great. There, I saw energy, organization and learning. Thanks for the opportunity and congratulations for the teachers and students !

01/24/2013 8:40am

Thank you for visiting our school and touring with us. I have some questions for you after reading your similarities and differences sheet.
Brazil: What are some forms of discipline in your school without a disciplinary room for students?
Japan: What did you mean by "smile is similar?"
?: Which school were you referring to when you mentioned that the cleanliness was different?
Brazil: What is different about your school's music room?
Saudi Arabia: Without a nurse's office, what happens if a student gets sick or injured in class?
Brazil: What kind of labs did you refer to in the differences section?
Brazil: Do you have to make up afternoon classes that you don't attend, such as going to school over the weekend?
Brazil: Where do students put their bookbags and school supplies without lockers?
Turkey: What is different about your school library?
Brazil: What languages can you choose to learn in your school?

Alaan (from Brazil)
01/27/2013 8:09pm

Brazil: What are some forms of discipline in your school without a disciplinary room for students? The only dsiciplines that have a room are: Sports class, in some schools also Chemistry and Arts.
Brazil: What is different about your school's music room? In the schools that I work don´t have
Brazil: What kind of labs did you refer to in the differences section? All the classroom fited special to one subject.
Brazil: Do you have to make up afternoon classes that you don't attend, such as going to school over the weekend? No, only for some extra class project, if you subscribed for it.
Brazil: Where do students put their bookbags and school supplies without lockers? They keep with them and go home and return every day with them.
Brazil: What languages can you choose to learn in your school? Normally only English, but in some States also Spanish and German but you choose only one foreign language. This on Public Schools.

Maria Martins
01/29/2013 8:16pm

Hi, Fern, as you can see, there are many different answers for your questions. Brazil is as big as USA and that makes also a wide variety of schools arrangements.
The city where I live in offers good free schools of music. Some schools are beginning their own courses.
Most of Brazilian students don`t have classes in the afternoon, but they have many activities for homework. Yeah, they have to carry their material every single day, lol. Sometimes they don`t take them to school. I just remember them the world is not for losers. I mean, that`s the way we have to work. Actually I believe students shouldn`t be so dependent on the school. School is important, but it isn`t enough to promote learning. Do you know what I mean?
All the Brazilian school should offer at least a foreign language, it is on law. In spite of that there is not so much chance to choose as there are not so many teachers available. Many of them are not prepared to teach a foreign language.
Anyway, I believe Brazilian students will change their mind, they really need someone to make them more self confident. Yes, they can.
I`m sure you would like to know my students. They are lovely in spite of being a little lazy sometimes.
I hope I had answered your questions. I mean, by my point of view.
Best regards from
Maria Aparecida Martins


Thank you for coming to beveridge, you taught us a lot. I have some questions for you. Who does smile, the teachers or the students. Why do you not have lockers. In size or in people of the classrooms. Why so small of a school. Do you hit them if they are bad. Are you schools clean or dirty. why dont you eat in the classrooms. Why no free food, food costs for students or teachers or both. Thank you for answering the questions.

Alaan (from Brazil)
01/27/2013 8:15pm

. Why do you not have lockers? Need more space and also is expensive to have one for each student.
Why so small of a school? The population is raised up so fast and need more schools
Do you hit them if they are bad. We can´t hit the students, laws protect children.
Are you schools clean or dirty. Clean
why dont you eat in the classrooms. Rules are different in each school.
Why no free food, food costs for students or teachers or both. Students receive food for free, teachers are forbiden by law to eat the students food.
Thank you for answering the questions.

Thank you!
Have a nice day!

01/24/2013 8:47am

Thanks for coming to our school!! I hope you enjoyed my tour as much as I did giving you one!! I have some questions to ask if you have time would you mind answering them;

Brazil; Why dont students change classrooms?
Saudia Arabia; Why do boys and girls go to school seperately?
Saudia Arabia; What happens to students if they come to school sick?
Brazil; What happens to students if they get into trouble?
Are the schools cleaner than Beveridge? Or is Beveridge dirty compared to your kind?
In your home country how are the schools organized?
Brazil; How many students are in each classroom?
Who chooses what classes the students take?
Brazil; If the students dont have lockers do they carry their stuff around all day?
Brazil; Why dont Brazilian students get to celebrate different cultures?

Thank you for the time to answer these questions!! :)

02/03/2013 1:30pm

There are few schools in which students change classrooms, but in most of the Brazilian schools , the teachers change classrooms. There are many reasons for that, sometimes because the school doesn´t have rooms enough to put each subject in a classroom (the case of mine), sometimes because of the lack of will about doing something different. About the cleaning, there is a big difference among private and public schools in Brazil. Unfortunately, in most of the public schools, it´s not so difficult to see students painting or drawing in chairs, desks, doors, walls, etc., without authorization. The principal and the teachers try to avoid it, but it happens sometimes. About the number of students, there are about 30 - 45 students in a classroom. They don´t have lockers and it causes a lot of troubles sometimes. They have to carry things to the break or they let it in the classroom and it is locked. Well, have a nice day, Lelanie!

01/24/2013 8:48am

Thank you for coming to Beveridge but I have some questions...
why dont you have a theater.

Teacher Valeria
01/30/2013 9:01pm

We have theater but only in an old and traditional school. If we want to use it we have to get for permission for the principal of that school and schedule it.
The others don´t have. The school where I work doesn´t have one because they say it´s expensive to build it. We just use the patio as a stage.
bye, thanks for your question

01/24/2013 8:49am

Thank you so much coming and visting Beveridge
Middle School. It truly was a great experience to meet each and everyone of you. Right now I have a few questions to follow up your blog.
1. In Brazil what do you haveinstead of lockers?
2.How do you punish students in Brazil.?
3.Do the older kids go to school in the morning or do the younger kids in Brazil?
4. In Japave do you only have 4 or 5 main classes?
5.Do you have any sports teams in Brazil?
6.If English is the only langauge taught do they just expect you to know your Native langauge?
7.If you dont have a library is there a place to check out books in Brazil?
8. What are a few avtivites in Brazil?
9. What are a few langauges you can take in Brazil?
10.Are there schools that boys and girls go to school together?

Thank you so much!

01/24/2013 8:49am

Hey, I had a great time giving a tour to you guys! I have a few questions after reading your similarities and differences cards. For Saudi Arabia, where do you go when your sick? Why are boys and girls seperated? For Japan, what did you mean by the smiles are the same? For Turkey, do you have a library at your school? For Brazil, do you have a music room at your school? Why do teachers change classes? Why don't students have lockers? How is the physical structure different? For China, what do you mean by "model is same"? Do you have a gym? Thanks for your time! See you soon!

Teacher Valeria
01/30/2013 9:08pm

In Brazil students keep in the same classroom for 6 hours class.... teachers come and go, for wxample: they have 2 portuguese classes, then they have 1 art class, after they have 20 minutes break in the patio and , the cafeteria... after the break different teachers come until the end of the period which is 12:20 pm. They don´t have lockers because it was a lack of intelligence from the people who designed the school, they keep their material with them all the time. B ye, thanks for asking

01/24/2013 8:50am

Thank you for coming to Beveridge, i enjoyed giving you all tours. I have some follow up questions?
Brazil- Why can't students choose their subjects?
Bazil- Why don't you have a drama class?
Brazil- What do you do about students that have problems but dont have a counselor to go to?
Brazil- What are genders serperated in school?
Brazil- Where do students put belongings?
Brazil- What do you do if it rains outside before lunch?
Brazil- Why do students get out around noon?
Saudi Arabi- Where does a child go if they are sick?
China- Why if a student doesnt have the money to eat?
Thank you for taking time to answer these questions.

Melissa Kandido
01/24/2013 9:47am

I think Kolton meant to ask the Saudi and Omani students why genders are separated in schools (he indicated Brazil above, though)

Teacher Valeria
01/30/2013 9:18pm

The subjects are imposed by the government to all and they are the same for all; it depends on the art teachers to have drama classes or not but it´s included on art class, if the teacher wants they might have some...the students with some kind of problems are sent to the coordinator who calls their parents to talk...they don´t get separated, the classes are mixed boys and girls,... students carry their school bags all the time... when in class they put them on the floor or on the back of the chairs..,The patio has a roof, students keep inside the patio, classes start at 7 am and finish at 12:20 for the first group, then we have afternoon classes for different students which start at 12:30 pm and end at 5:50pm. Bye thanks for asking.

01/24/2013 9:11am

The class at Beveridge School was really great. The students were amazing.. Thank you for the experience..

01/24/2013 4:22pm

It was a really nice experience. Some people from different countries working together to show some of their culture to students. :)

01/25/2013 11:19am

Thank you for coming to our school!!!
Turkey, how exactly is your libary different?
Brazil, If you dont have lockers were do you put your personal items?
Brazil, If you dont have ssc or something similar were do you put your bad kids?
Saudi arabia, why cant boy's study with girl's?
Brazil, If students dont change classrooms then how do they switch subjects?
Brazil, why cant students join clubs?
Oman, why are the boy's and girl's seperated in home?
China, why isn't the food free?
Brazil, why do you leave at noon from school?
Brazil, why dont you celebrate different cultures?
Thank you for having us join in all of your activities!!

Derrick Bullock
01/25/2013 11:19am

Is was nice to have all you guys at our school I loved it :) (:
Why you dont change classrooms? Brazil
What is the diffrence between healthcare? Saudi Arabia
Why do you believe Beveridge so big? Japan
Why are boys and girls separted? Oman
Why is the food not free? China
Is the Library Bigger or smaller? Turkey
Why you dont have any labs? Brazil
What are the options of languages? Brazil
Why dont you have a cafeteria? Brazil
Why boys cant study with girls? Saudi

Thank you for the actives I love it :) :) (: (:

01/25/2013 11:19am

Thank You For Coming
Saudi Arbia- Where Do You Go When You Are Sick?
Brazil- Soo The TEacher Laeve And You Stay?
Japan- Are The Schools Small?
JApan- Who Choose You Classes?
Brazil- Do You Carry All Your Stuff?
Japan- Are THere Any Gym Classes?
Oman- Why Are The Boys And Girls Not Able To Study Together?
Turkey- Hoe Are The Schools Differnt?
Brazil- How Are THe Mucis Room Differnt?
China- Are The Rooms Small?

Thank You Bring All THe Actives!!

01/25/2013 11:20am

Thank you for coming to our school!
I have some questions.
Brazil- Since teachers change classrooms then what do the students do why they are gone?
Japan- Since you can't choose what classes to take who chooses for you?
Oman- Since you only have 12 classrooms how many people go to your school?
Brazil- Since you have 5 classe a day how long is your school days?
China- Since you have free food does everyone eat school lunch?
Brazil- When you eat outside what do you do if it's bad weather?
Saudi Arabia- If you don't have a compiter lab how do you get online?
Brazil- With less students how many friends do you make?
Brazil- If teachers don't have their ownclassrooms what do they do with all their stuff?
China- With know after school activities what do you do in your free time?

Thank you for coming I hope you can come again! -Riley

Abraham Valles
01/25/2013 11:21am

Thank you ILUNO students for coming this Tuesday, it was very nice to meet you! I was wondering if you could answer some of my questions.

Brazil- Can you give me some speific reasons why Beveridge and your home school aren't similar?
Brazil- If teachers don't have their own classrooms then where do the students learn?
Japan- Are you schools small and simple?
Saudi Arabia- Is it against school rules for boys to study with the girls?
Brazil- Do your schools have computers in their classrooms?
Brazil- Do your schools have cafeterias and a gym?
China- What activities didn't see at Beveridge that you see in your home schools?
Oman- Why are the boys and girls seperated?
Brazil- Do you study Science?
Brazil- How do your schools work?

Thank you for coming, we can't wait to see you again.

01/25/2013 11:21am

I appreciate all the people from around the world for coming to our school. I especially liked the chinese table, since I could show how much chinese I know from chinese class at beveridge. I have some follow up questions from your similar/difference cards, they are:
Brazil: Since teachers do not have their own rooms, then do they have to share rooms with other teachers.
Brazil:Since you do not have any lockers, where do you put your belongings?
Brazil: How many laguage options can you choose from?
Brazil: What would be different about your library from the one at Beveridge?
China: Because the classes are much bigger at your school, are there many more students in each class?
Saudi Arabia: Since boys and girls study in different areas, are they allowed to talk to eachother between classes or after school?
Brazil: Although there is no theatre at your school, is there any place for the students to perform?
Brazil: Is the structure of your building more modern that our building or much older?
Brazil: Although students have no say in what they study, are they allowed to choose what their career is after their school years?
China: Since there is no free food, how much is the food usually priced at?
It was great having us participate at these activities, I really hope we will see you again.

01/25/2013 11:21am

Thank you for coming to our school, I have some questions.
Turkey- What is different about your library?
Brazil- What kind of cultures do you celebrate?
China- What kind of activities do you do?
Brazil- Where do you put your belongings?
Brazil- What are your schedules like?
Brazil- Do you have a library, gym, auditorium, and cafeteria?
Brazil- How many students are in a classroom?
Brazil- How many computers does your school have?
China- How much does your food cost?
Saudi Arabia- Do you not have a health care?

It was great seeing you!

01/25/2013 11:22am

Thank you for coming to our school. i have some questions.
Brazil: Why is it that you can't chose your own classes to study?
Brazil: Sinse you don't have a theatre where could I take acting classes if I was interested?
Brazil: Since you said the councelor was different does that mean you don't have a question?
Oman: Do you only have 12 classrooms in the whole school?
Brazil:If you don't have the power to send kids places, what do you do when kids act bad?
Brazil: Does your school not let any kids from different nationalities join?
Saudi Arabia: Do you have two different floors for the boys and girls, since they are seperated?
China:What do you mean by the model is the same?
Oman: Do you guys not learn how to cook and clean in school?
Brazil: Since you guys arive at seven, and leave at noon do you guys have school year round?
It was great seeing you. Thank you for coming!!

01/25/2013 11:23am

Thank you for coming to our school!!!
I have some questions from the note cards you wrote what was similar and what diffrent from our schools from your countrys and my school, beveridge middle.
- Brazil, students don't change classrooms, why is it that they dont change classrooms at your school? Is it easyer for you or the teachers?
-Brazil, if they dont have lockers at brazil schools where do you put your belongings?
-China, If my school classrooms are big how big are your classrooms?
-Brazil, If we have alot of students in one classroom how many students are in one classroom at Brazil?
-China, We have to pay for our food at our school lunch, how muck is your school lunches?
-Brazil, If we have many computers in one classroom how many do you think are in your classroom?
-Brazil, If you dont have organized classrooms how do you move through out the school and know how you go to which class?
-China, If the activitys are diffrent here, what do you do in china?
Thank you sooo much for coming to or school it was really fun seeing you again!!!

01/25/2013 11:26am

Thank you for coming to our school, but I have some questions for you, considering the similar & differents cards you wrote after the tour:

Japan- How is Beveridge more complicated from your school?
Oman-Why are boys and girls separated from studing together?
Brazil-If you don't have lockers where do you put your items?
China-Why dont your schools have mulitiple activites?
Saudi Arabia- How is our health care different?
Saudi Arabia-How are the computer labs different?
Bazil- Why is there not a theatre within your school?
Japan- Which school is smaller and how is it smaller?
Brazil- Why don't you have control over your students like us?
Brazil- Why do the student stay in the class, and the teachers

Can't wait to see you guys again.

Jordan Campbell
01/25/2013 11:29am

Brazil: Does it mean you can't go to a disciplinary room?
Brazil: Does it mean you have a cafeteria?
China: When you say "no free food", does it mean you don't get free lunch?
Brazil: Does it mean you celebrate different cultures?
Turkey: When you say library does it mean you do or don't have one?
China: At other schools do they have indoor gym or all are outdoors?
Oman: Do you have a class that you can take for cooking or cleaning?
Saudi Arabia: Do girls have different school hours?
Brazil: How do kids know where to go for class since the teacher only switches and not the students?
Can't wait to see you!!!!

Latjor Wal
01/25/2013 11:29am

Hey ILUNO students, thanks for coming to our school. I have some questions for you guys.
1.Japan-What do you mean by subjects?
2.Saudi Arabia-Why can't boys study with girls?
3.Turkey-How ith the library different?
4.Brazil-Clarify on "celebrate different cultures".
5.Brazil-How are the computer labs the same?
6.Brazil-How many computers do you guys have?
7.Saudi Arabia-How is the health care different?
8.Brazil-What do you mean organization in class.
9.Brazil-What is the same about the treatment of undisiplince student?
10.China-How much do you pay for the food?
Alright, see you guys later at Beveridge.

01/25/2013 11:30am

Thank you for coming I really enjoyed you coming to our school and I wish that you could come again.
1) The Classrooms how are they differant are they oval square etc.?
2) There was a country with only 12 rooms were they all the same(like were they all math rooms or is there 1 math room and etc.?
3)Why can't they study with girls and boys can't study with girls is it illigal or something? In saudi arabia
4)Why don't they have lockers are they to expensive or something? Brazil
5)Why do they go to school for only 5 hours, do they have a better learning system than us? Brazil
6)Why do they have less students in classrooms are their clssrooms smaller than ours? saudi arabia
7)How is the health care differant is it cheaper or something? saudi arabia
8)Why dont they have a theatre is it to big or something? Brazil
9)Why dont they have free food is it really good or something? china
10)Why do the students stay in class and the teachers leave why is that? Brazil
I cant wait to see you guys!!!!!!!!

Lionel D'almeida
01/25/2013 11:38am

Thanks you, for coming ILUNO students it was fun! can you please answer these question?
Brazil- Where do the kids learn if the teachers don't have their own classrooms?
Brazil- If students don't have lockers, then where do They store their items,
China- Do you guys get your food for free or did you mean something else?
Saudi Arabia-What are the uniforms like in Saudi Arabia?
Brazil-What do you mean by library,gym,and cafetaria were different ?
Brazil- Is there no specific schedules in schools in your country?
Brazil- So do the teachers come to you or what since the students don't go to classes?
Brazil- What cultures do you study since you study different ones from our schools.
Brazil- What option do you have languages in your home country?
Brazil- Where do the kids that get in trouble go, since there's no ssc?
Thanks for coming and we're looking forward to the next time.

01/26/2013 5:33pm

China-Is your library outside or does it have walls but no roof?
Brazil-Is your library bigger or smaller... or does it have less or more books?
Brazil-Is your cafeteria as big as ours?
Brazil-Why are your school hours so short? Do you have class every day?
China-How much does your food cost?
Brazil-what do you do if someone is bad in class?
Brazil-what time do you go and how is your school organized?
China-what activities do you have additional to the ones we have?
Brazil-Is your music room bigger or smaller than ours?
Brazil-Is your auditorium outside or inside or is it more of an amphitheatre or is it smaller or bigger, is it niceeer or does yours have more decorations?

Melissa Kandido
01/27/2013 8:34am

Hello all! As you can see, I shared your cards with what you found similar and what you found different about your home school to our school. As I was sharing, they had so many clarifying questions. You sparked such an interest. They wanted to know more more more. So I gave them the assignment to log their clarifying questions here. I know it seems like a litany, but there are some repeat questions. Your visit was such a great introduction to comparative education. Thank you! Hopefully, you have time to respond, they will be curious to find out the answers. Thanks for sharing your expert knowledge from abroad!

Maria Martins
01/29/2013 8:34pm

Hyia, Melissa!
As you know, each of us is really excited about the idea of sharing this intercultural experience. However, I think it could be also shared with our students. I`m quite sure your students would enjoy to know our schools through Brazilians students point of view insted of from teachers`. What do you think of?

Melissa Kandido
02/02/2013 10:21pm

Completely agree! Student-to-student conversations are a brilliant idea! Let's make this happen!

01/27/2013 7:52pm

Unforgattable experience! I will take to Brazil more than it is possible to put in my luggage. I will take enthusiasm and knowledge.

01/28/2013 4:05am

Brazil-Do or can people skip class?
Saudi Arabia- what happens when kids get sick?
Brazil-Where do kids put extra things of theirs.?
China-how much bigger are our class rooms?
Oman-Why do you think they sepurate boys and girls?
Brazil-how is the organization diffrent?
?-What do you mean by "cleanliness?"
Brazil- how are the classes broken up?
China-How many more activites are there at your school?
Brazil-Why do think that you don't have SSC?

01/28/2013 9:31am

Japan: what do you mean by smiles are similar?
Saudi Arabia: what does a student do if they're sick if ther is no nurse?
Brazil: Do you guys beat students with rulers since you guys don't have discipline?
Brazil: Where do student put your stuff since you don't have lockers
Brazil: There is no library how do students check out boks?
Brazil:There is no counselor room what do students do if they want to talk about their problems
Brazil: There is no music room wher do students sing?
Brazil: Why are boys and girls seperated in school?
China: There is no indoor gym what do you do if it rains?
Brazil: Students can't change class what is the purpose for this?

Sergio Belo Coutinho
02/25/2013 4:50pm

Kelli, We can acess the website here in Brazil. :)


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