Beveridge students energetically contributed and jumped right in discussions about cities, regions, and countries....and how to most creatively represent these places in their quilt squares.


02/11/2013 12:26pm

This was an amazing project. It looked like alot of fun!

Alaan Jose Kruk
02/11/2013 7:12pm


Vanda Rangel
02/12/2013 4:51pm

It was a great experience to exchange knowledge through quilts and hearts!
My congratulations to all!

Vanda Gomes
02/12/2013 7:28pm

I enjoyed this project! It was a great experience in which we could exchange knowledge about cultural aspects and make new friends!

Patricia de Azevedo
02/14/2013 8:49am

For me it was a great experience, especially because it was Thursday - the day that I have quilt's class in Brazil. In addition, it was a good idea to make projects like this. Share feelings it is good for health.

Izabel C.A. Mendes
02/14/2013 8:51am

This project was really amazing. I loved it. Congratulations!

02/16/2013 9:55pm

To share your love and respect with other country can have only one aim: to built a better and beloved world for all of us! Tks for giving me this great chance!

Maryam :)
02/18/2013 7:08pm

That project was really fun,I like the designs which we made them.
Our goal was to let other countries know that we LOVE them and we respect thier traditions. In addition, we know new things about your countries.
Finally, This class and the people who are in it are Friendly, Kind & WOOOW!!

Thank you guys for sharing your Love:)


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