We are all looking forward to experiencing BRAZIL during UNO's "Brazil Day" on Tuesday, 1/29. 
However, we also just saw in the news about the terrible fire in Santa Maria in which many people lost their lives. Voice of America reported that at least 230 lost their lives Sunday morning in a fire at a club. 
We want all of our Brazilian friends to know that our hearts are with you. When your country experiences a lost, it affects everyone. We are so sorry to hear this news. 
We love Brazil now more than ever because we've gotten to know each of you. 

Joselina Cardoso
01/29/2013 8:33pm

Thank you for being so lovely with us!! We are here but it`s true our hearts are in Brazil, and we know your hearts are with us!!! WE ARE TOGETHER!!! THHAAAANNNKK YOU VERY MUCH!!!

02/04/2013 7:27am

Thank you for let us share a bit of Brazil with you!

02/08/2013 10:10pm

Thank you for your gentle words!! The event was amazing!! Actually, I didn`t expect so many people there!! Fantastic!!


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