Thursday, November 14, we celebrated International Education Week in a big way! 
About 35 eighth graders from our Beveridge Middle School partnership descended on UNO just in time for lunch. Compliments of Service Learning, we were able to eat together in the cafeteria and continue conversations we began the last time we visited Beveridge. The eighth grade students also began asking the questions they had prepped for a day of interviews at Cafe Internationale.
Getting henna painted on our hands, sipping Arabic coffee, looking at ipads loaded with photos of various countries, wearing traditional dress from Oman, peering through Chinese money that was see-through, sharing about our partnership in a room set aside for Service Learning presentations, taking photos, laughing, cheering, celebrating what it means to be alive and actually make friends with people from all over the world!!......that was our day.
Thanks to our Beveridge partners for your energy, questions, knowledge, and humor. It was a great day!!


11/22/2012 3:54pm

It was really FUN day. we enjoyed our time with Beveridge's Student in this day. The most thing I liked is countries tables. As we know that UNO has a lot of international students, so it's good thing to share our culture to other people here.

11/25/2012 3:44pm

Cafe Internationale was challenging day. I had to get more than five interview with shy partners and prepare the 2 presentations for Service Learning and Public Speaking. The result was good. I did 2 presentation, also I feel leadership and motivation when my partners felt exciting. Unfortunately I didn't have time to enjoy the different table, but I think it is great.

11/26/2012 1:34pm

It was a great day at the Cafe Internationale!! Had lots of fun and interesting conversations with the Beveridge students and the students from the UNO. Trying foreign food, get our names written in different languages and see amazing pictures of other nations ... so many new experiences and I really learned a lot out of that day!

11/27/2012 3:55am

I had 4 awesome guys, T, F, M & M, so i had a great time. I had fun and i hope T, F, M & M, you guys were not bored (if so, i am sorry :) ). I can definitely say that Cafe Int. was the best day for me in UNO.

11/27/2012 8:27pm

I had really great and interesting time at Cafe Internationale! It was totally new experience for me. Hope Beveridge partners had fun time too!!

12/09/2012 9:49am

International cafe day was a really important day for our service learning class. Our beveridge school partners came to ILUNO. my partners were two boys Jeff and Latjor .We had lunch together, did our presentation (The partnership between us and the beveridge school), helping my partners for their interviews and also we did a tour across the different countries tables. It was a long day :p . My favorite part was the countries tables. I hope that my partners had fun and enjoyed the day like I did.

12/09/2012 10:04am

It was very awesome day for me. my partners were two girls "Yazmine and Madison", they both had Hanna on their hands. they really like it. I did helped them to do their interviews, we also ate our lunch together. we saw the countries tables and thee Indian table was very interesting. We ate food from the countries tables . The girls were very kind. It was very nice day.

12/10/2012 6:21pm

This day was so nice to me!! I met two boys, and we had a lunch with. cafe international also are good chance to me, because I can get experiences about other countries.

01/25/2013 11:16am

Thank you for coming to our school! :)
Brazil: Why dont students change classrooms?
Brazil: What different cultures do you celebrate?
Brazil: Why dont students have lockers in Brazil?
Saudi Arabia: Why cant boys study with girls?
Brazil:Why are your school hours so short?
Saudi Arabia: Why is only English taught at your school?
Brazil: Why dont you have contoll on sending kids to ssc?
Brazil: Why do students stay in the same classroom?
China: Why isn't the food free?
Japan: Are your schools small and easy to understand?
Thank you for taking the time to visit us and i loved your activities
Sincerly, Kobe

01/25/2013 11:22am

It was very nice to have you come visit our school for the day!

Oman: Why are boys and girls separated in school?
Brazil: Where do you put your things if you don't have a locker?
Brazil: Why do you not switch classrooms?
Brazil: How come teachers don't have their own private classrooms?
Saudi Arabia: Why can;t boys study with girls?
China: How big are your locekrs?
Brazil: Why do you have no control over sending people to discipline area?
Saudi Arabia: Why aren't you allowed to learn other languages?
China: How many people usually go to school?
Brazil: How many classes do you have a day?

Thank you for the wonderful activities you brougth us to enjoy, I hope we see you again!


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