Our new session is off to a great start! Students are getting to know one another and discussing what it means to be a part of a community. They interviewed other students and faculty and campus and were able to gather feedback about why people volunteer.
They also created amazing Quote Cards - finding a way to illustrate famous quotes about service. 
Thanks to each student for giving 100% and jumping in with both f

03/19/2013 11:37am

We are off to a great start! A bunch of students will be participating in Seven Days of Service here at UNO! We can't wait to meet our Beveridge Partners, too! Woo Hoo!

03/20/2013 1:06pm

Exciting start! It's an exciting class, I hope we will enjoy the trips with our instructor.

Melissa kandido
03/20/2013 7:03pm

Greetings to all of you!
and with over 60 languages in Burkina Faso, I will use French as a defacto bonjour

Looking forward to our future connections! We are on Spring Break right now, but my students are always excited to connect with their 'big brothers and big sisters' from the world to exchange great ideas and collborate :)

03/25/2013 9:51pm

Hi! I am so exciting our class! I went to 7 Days of Service during Spring Break ( On Friday) and I sorted a lot of clothes! That was very worth experience to me! I sure that our activities is also very funny and good at Service Learning class!

03/25/2013 10:13pm

Hello:) I really look forward to volunteering with guys. i went to 7 Days of Service during Spring Break ( On Friday) and i washed the shampoo, conditioner products and body products. Also i packed the box. I can't this experience. That was so great, valuable time for me! I wish we will volunteer together!!!!

03/25/2013 10:34pm

Hi?? it's too late to leave a Reply.. You know what? Tomorrow, my first class is for kelly's class at 8:30. I pray to make it in my class. At the first time when i chose this class, I just thought this class was a usual kind of other classes. But now, coming ativities in Service Learning make me excited. I hope to keep good memories in my mind with our international friends!!! lol~~

03/26/2013 6:04am

Hi~ i'm sorry i'm late. During spring break, i have a experience about sevendays of service! it is really interesting and very meaningful to me!

03/26/2013 6:33am

Hello, everyone! It's very glad to see you! I hope we will have a nice experience durning this class, and we all can know how to help other people.

Melissa kandido
04/07/2013 1:42pm

What an incredible experience at the Union last Thursday! So great meeting all of you! Looking forward to the 11th and the 18th!

Melissa kandido
04/11/2013 6:13pm

HEY all of my GREAT ILUNO friends! I hope the whirlwind tour and the many interviews were something you enjoyed! My students definitely did! I can't wait until next week!

Jacob Salanitro
04/11/2013 7:35pm

Hello. I loved all of the great input on the interviews that I gave to the couple of ILUNO students that I had a chance to do so with. It was a really fun time and I can't wait until the next time we gt to meet!

Rose McCaffrey
04/13/2013 11:23am

Thank you ILUNO for coming to our school and helping us with our projects! It was a big help for us and I hope you had a great time as well! Cant wait to see you again in the future!!! I had a really great time with you guys! Bye!!!!! :)

04/16/2013 11:10am

I learn many thing and i hope to go agin same place

04/21/2013 10:26am

I'm very glad to work with you guy,we work as a team and helping people.That's very awesome!!!

04/23/2013 2:40am

i'm very happy because i learn a lot of thing


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