An amazing day of service at the UNION! Students worked together on preparing garden beds, fences to keep rabbits out of gardens, an outdoor pizza oven, and the placement of mulch! 
Brigitte set the tone for service as she explained the background of the neighborhood and the various activities that the Union is seeking to provide to help create a positive environment - the Tool Library, Art for kids, and an open door for community gatherings and projects.
After an overview of the Food Bank's mission, our team set off to pack "Weekend Backpack Meals," a variety of food items that provide nourishment for kids on the weekend. Our group worked as a team and even managed a few mistakes along the way with a smile!
Student Reflections included:
" We moved quickly and worked as a team!"
"We are an efficient team!"
"I felt relaxed and happy."
"We need more students to do this kind of work."
"I am very happy when we are working together."
Our new session is off to a great start! Students are getting to know one another and discussing what it means to be a part of a community. They interviewed other students and faculty and campus and were able to gather feedback about why people volunteer.
They also created amazing Quote Cards - finding a way to illustrate famous quotes about service. 
Thanks to each student for giving 100% and jumping in with both f


    My name is Kelli and I'm the instructor for Service Learning. It's my privilege to learn and serve alongside these amazing internationals!


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