Beveridge students are researching various topics in order to create video news clips. They seized the opportunity to get the opinion and input of ILUNO students on topics ranging from global views on basketball to common stereotypes. 
ILUNO students were also introduced to the magnet school concept and got a tour of Beveridge school with plenty of opportunities to ask questions and investigate similarities and differences in comparison to schools in the students' home countries.

musallam alshahri
04/14/2013 6:37pm

we went Beveridge , and it was nice. also we learned a lot from them.
students asked me some questions that i was unable to give them answers, but it was very useful for me and classmates.
all the best for us

Osama (awesome)
04/14/2013 6:41pm

It was a wonderful trip to the school, we got an interesting information about the Beveridge School during the tour that we have with Ibrahim. And we have a wonderful interviews.

yumin wu
04/14/2013 7:02pm

I am very sad ,I was sick on Thursday so I missed this wonderful trip .you had an interesting learning at the breveridge school!good job!^_^。

04/14/2013 8:40pm

This was my first time to visit American middle school. The school is same with movies, and it is different from Chinese middle school. We learned a lot about the school. By the way, the difficult interview made me a little lost my head. Why the middle school students can think a lot about that topic? They are very smart!

04/16/2013 9:32am

Im so glad too meet new friend

04/16/2013 11:28pm

It was great visit to the Beveridge school. First of all we had taken a tour around the school with miss kindido , especially when we entered the music class. Then we had a presentation about how to use the camera. Finally we interviewed individually by the the beveridg students . All in all it was amazing and unforgettable moments we spent with kind students ;-)

04/18/2013 5:55am

Visiting beveridge school was very interesting experience for me! I can see the many classes and meet middle school children. They are so cute!

04/18/2013 9:02am

it was so interesting time for me in the Beveridge school. I interviewed about Korea traditional dance. it was so difficult for me ans so nervous. but it was good experience, i can't forget this interview with pretty middle school friends:)

Melissa Kandido
04/18/2013 3:54pm

Hello! What a GREAT day! You all all so great! What great partners the Beveridge students had to create their dream schools! So many great TED talks out there! Here is the one we watched....
Thank you for your presence and excellence in our Global Citizen Partnership!

Melissa Kandido

04/22/2013 7:06pm

i was very sad to miss this trip. I hope it was very interesting.


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