The challenge was the next 30 minutes you need to exit this room and come back with at least the results of one interview! It's time to put all the English grammar and conversation into real life practice!
First we role-played and then it was time for the students from Korea, Saudi Arabia, Japan, and Oman to hit the hallways and lounges to find unsuspecting Americans to interview about volunteerism. Almost 30 short interviews were conducted and only one person was turned down for an interview, albeit turned down politely because the student was studying for a test.
I hope that every student adds something to this blog about what he/she learned in the process.

Hyeokchan Kwon
09/06/2012 4:06pm

It was good time for me! haha
even if I talked to each Ameican students for short time, I had good experience to connect American people.
I also could learn their culture and mind and English. I thank to them because all of them always treated me by smiling. they were super kind! XD
I also appreciate to Kelly for allowing me her class, and I eagerly look forward to how fun this class is!

ChaeYoung Yoon
09/06/2012 8:18pm

I am sorry Kelli. I made a small mistake. I have a no idea how I can delete that.
Anyway It was a great opportunuty. Even thought I couldn’t speak very well in English, they were the warmest to me. Thanks them all for their hospitality. Appreciate it and Kelli
I really expect to our wonderful service learning class.

09/09/2012 6:38pm

I found an American girl, and she was very friendly when I asked her about if she have a time for some questions about volunteering. She was excited about that more than me. I started asking her and she was answering me with a big smile. I like to communicate with all kind of people, so I found that easy for me to talk to strangers, but some of them might accept me and some of them might not. It was a good experience for me.

09/09/2012 11:05pm

It was the first time for me to interview peple in English. I was a little nervous, but I could have a great time. I asked two American men about volunteering. They were so kind and friendly inspite that I am not good at speaking or listening English. When I could not catch what they said, they explained that with writing down the words or drawing the pictures. They helped me understand clearly. Also they gave me the encouraging words like "Good luck. " at the end of the interview. I could enjoy the interview thanks to these kind person. Thank you for giving us good opportunity, Kelli. I will do my best in this class!!

09/10/2012 9:09pm

I thought it was good opportunity to have contact American students and use our English to native speaker.
And even if my English is poor, they have responded to me politely.
I could feel their kindness and learn aspect of American culture.
I think this class will be helpful for may English and my future.

suyeon jeong
09/10/2012 9:22pm

i really love to this class. specially, this class closely related to my mayjor. i would like to know about america service systemg, and when i go back to my country, i want to apply my county system. through this class, I want to broad my perspective of looking at the social. now i am so expect to tomorrow. see you:)

Aisha Alhashmi
09/10/2012 9:27pm

OMG!! it was a grate enthusiastic  start for me . I do not have any quite clear idea about what we will ganna do inside this class !? I enter the class room as normal classes we have chairs and table haahah Im just wanna make sure that the class was seems to me as a normal classes, but In the first 30 moment you will see that all my classmates start going out side running trying to find something student who were standing out side, were steering on as !?? wats going onn!!!! yes dears that what I was talking about :D its the time to brake the "Routine". we spread out to see what can we do with our skills by doing some survey with American speakers and fin out what we can get from them !! IT WAS AWESOME !! powerful start :D ... we have a good response from them though.. I made it.. yes.. we made it together  .. thanks all.. we will keep it up 

Yurika Shirota
09/10/2012 9:40pm

I asked two American people about volunteering. Though my English was not so good, they answered kindly and helped me to understand their ideas.After that, I thought that many American people don’t have any expectation for something in return, because their reasons for volunteering were to help community and just like to do that. I was very impressed to hear that. I’m glad to have such a great day!

Khalid AL Shehhi
09/10/2012 11:41pm

WOW,,!! I'm really proud inside my self to take this class ,, this class teach me a lot of ways .. How to make friendship with a lot of people in U.S. !!! this class distroy my problems when I talk or make any conversation with anyone :)
this class is the first class in ILUNO which has volunteers to make conversation outside ,, yesterday, I made friend in student center , he is from Omaha, we took together about our selves. In the end of the conversation he give me advice about the best way to learn english quickly and how can I make a lot of friends. he invited me to their club . All of that happening by this class and by ms Kelli , so thank you very very much ms.Kelli to teach us this class >_<

Alyaziya Alhaddadi
09/11/2012 8:37am

It's a great chance to be one of the luckiest people to take this class for the first time. I had great time to go out and ask people about where did they volunteer. One of the two that i ask told that she do it for her class while the other person says that he did it to help other. Knowing something new about the American culture is always good. Thank you miss Keilly for this chance :D

Sandra Espinosa
09/11/2012 11:34am

What a GREAT link !!!!
I wished to be in ILUNO again. I am very excited about our project, I am pretty sure we will learn from each other different culture, languages, life style, places, and many interesting things.
I look forward to seeing you guys today
Best wishes,

Sandra Espinosa
Graduate Assistant
Service Learning Academy
Milo Bail Student Center 114
6001 Dodge Street
Omaha, NE 68182
Ph: 402-554-3880

09/11/2012 11:48am

I was so happy to get the opportunity to ask to American people!! If I did in Japan, I might get different answer. It was also good chance for me to learn American culture. Even if we are here, American we talk together are limited. I like American culture which they are so kind all the time!! Thanks Ms kelli :) Im looking forward to nect our next activities!

Maythaa Alnofali
09/12/2012 10:12pm

I did some volunteer work in my high school ,but growing plants in the union for contemporary arts was the best thing I did ever. It was really nice. We had alot of fun. I noticed that all my classmates were enthusiastic to help the people who work in the union's farm. We grew plants and took off the plants that they don't want it ,and put it in the boxes to decompose. Someone who works there said that the plants after some days become soil and this thing surprised me.They use the soil in the garden or farm to grow other plants. Also, we took some pictures. I hope to visit this place again.

Meisam A. Nejad
09/21/2012 9:24pm

That was a great experience for me to familiar with the American educational system. i am so sorry for myself, because my organic test was overlap with this program, and i couldn't participate in the entire class. i so appreciate from Mrs Kelli to make this opportunity for us. i am so enthusiastic for the upcoming other project of this class
Good LUCK :-)

Maythaa Alnofali
09/22/2012 11:35pm

I chose this class as the normal classes that I chose them before. I have no idea what we gonna do in this class. I thought it will be like other classes. We gonna just sit in the class ,and we will read,write, talk, and share our ideas and opinions in the class ,but I found some thing different than I thought about this class. This class is about volunteering work ,and it learn us how we can serve in the community. This is really nice especially for international students because this will help them in their study. Their English will improve ,and they will be able to communicate with American people and create conversation with them.


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