Heading north on Dodge Street, four cars in a row, every member of the Global Citizens class anxiously awaited finding out more about the UNION. Where is this place? What will we do there today? Having read an overview of the Union's mission and purpose gave us some ideas, but seeing things in person is always more exciting!
The friendly resident artists greeted us and immediately took us into their "family." Reaching out to the community in so many ways (local art for kids, tools for neighbors to borrow, seeds to use and exchange for urban gardening), they allowed us to get involved by helping plant, weed, and pick up the outside of the building area. They allowed us to put a little of ourselves into the Union and its mission.
Our time was short, but the impact the Union had on us was IMMENSE!!


09/16/2012 11:27pm

 Actually, I was anxious that what should we do in the Union as written. But staffs of the Union kindly explained that and the goal of them, and they introduced their facilities. In addition, we could make plant and pick up trash. It was good experience for us. And I think we can continue to have relation by visiting there again or giving ideas with letter. I wish their development and success.

09/17/2012 11:26pm

It was good experience to me. I think that everyone agree to me. First our mission was interview American about volunteering.
And then we volunteered at the Union. It was good idea thank you kelli.
I am happy to help out. Sure I learned a lot from it.
I hope many people will be know that.
If I get a chance, I want to go one more.

09/18/2012 12:31am

I could have a good experisnce at the Union. Through visiting the Union and volunteered, I also learned a lot like Spring says. First, I learned that we can do a lot with a little. Although the plant I put in was very small, the most important thing for volunteering is to do something and keep doing that. Even if it is not big action, it might lead to big change in the future.
Also, I felt that cooperating with each other is very important for volunteer work. Actually, my friends gave me some advices or idea about where to plant or how to plant. I thought that helping each other is good way to find the best ways.
I want to keep finding and doing something to help people or make our life better.

suyeon jeong
09/18/2012 2:16am

Actually, this place was so different when i thought here,but i love to here.it was excited more than my expected.
if i have chance, i want to come again:)
volunteer made happy, and i can forget The Union's volunteering.
now i am really eapect my next volunteering.

09/18/2012 12:29pm

This volunteer work is so good experience for us! We didn't know how Omaha's people work though we live in Omaha. It brought us all the closer to Omaha which is not our hometown.Also, I was most impressed by their working style. They don't require benefit, and they did't say 'do something'. I think those are so important for volunteer activities.
I want to go there again when I have time :)
Thank you for giving me this opportunity!!

09/18/2012 12:29pm

I had a nery good experience in the UNION. What I learned here was to find the way to solve problems. Actually, I had no idea what should I do at the first. However every student tried to find something they can do. It made me encouraged and I also should find what I can do. Therefore I made garden and collected trash around there. To think about the need seems difficult, but if we find it one time, we can create the best way to help. I would like to use this experience effectively for next activity.

09/18/2012 1:28pm

It was really a great experience for me when I went to the union. I had to speak with many people and learn a new things about planting especially in united states. I also learned about kinds of seeds and how to plant. I also had a fun time with my classmates working in a group work. The most important thing that they made a movie about planting and how it is important to plant something in your house's backyard or any small space. I agree with that because it is important to improve our environment by planting.

Aisha Alhashmi
09/19/2012 10:01pm

What can I say about what we did ! 
It was an Enthusiastic moments for us :) I thought before we enter the place that maybe they will be an huge numbers of people who work there, so maybe they will ganna be more professional and  serious in their work.when we go there I fund out that they are a group of 4-5 and they all are an yang guys. They have a lot of things and thoughts to do with the supporting of the community that they can help all people specially kids because they are the one who we really think that they will be our future leaders :) they shows me that from their passion on doing any things any where with anybody just for help nothing more than that. They also shows us a part of their movie which they have been working on it since a year or maybe more, but IT WAS AWESOME !! ohh yeah the best part when we put our touch in the UNION and reused the front place to plant some flowers and other kinds of plants was grate job we work together and find out how hard is to do that all by your self, but we know how the water have test too XD  .. thats a little from a lots of things 😊 

09/19/2012 11:57pm

Let's go to be farmer,!!! haha XD
I was surprised there are very nice people, a work of art, and natural place. They were working to follow their passion. I thought they are very cool !! because they are just going to their goals. I was moved for their attitude.
Actually, this volunteering is first time for me in the U.S. I moved some remainders and I made a line under land to make garden using pickax and shovel, and I planted some trees. Everybody who is classmate with me works very hard to help the Union. I learned something from Union people about passion, natural mnd, helpful etc..... I really had a good experience !!! Let's go to be a farmer again !! XD

09/24/2012 3:01pm

It was a great chance to see part of Omaha. I had chance to put my own touch in place that i did know about. As we arrive the place was not fancy it was normal and the front yard was missy a lot of un useful planet. The man there told us to do what ever we want to do. A friendly atmosphere in the place. I sow a trailer of movie about farming and then we as group start working. The work that it needed days to be don we did it in just less than one hour.


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