Kudos to our service learning class for using their mingling skills and representing us well on October 4th. at the UNO International Student Reception!

10/15/2012 10:39pm

I tried to mingle with the other international students at the reception. Although free dinner has very little taste to be honest, the reception was more interesting than anticipated.

You know what sometimes most of politicians can make bore. But the speech was such a good class to me. Thanks you for giving me good opportunity.

After reception, we took pictures to gather only our class mates. It was so funny. I will miss you guys. I will remind you guys when I see our pictures. Thanks

10/16/2012 12:14am

I met the governers who are at Nebraska and other international students. The place where i met governer was so luxurious.
It was also first time for me to go formal event in the U.S.
I shaked hand with governers as soon as i came reception event, and then i ate some foods that they prepare. It was good.
Gorverners looked kind but, i felt they have charisma.
It was special, I worn suit, dress shoes and took pictures with new people and my friends. I felt i am luxurious people. Everypeople who i met in the reception were very good!

Suyeon Jeong
10/16/2012 12:22pm

This is my special time:)
I have never went to like this event, so i was so surprise. Especially, i met variety countries people. All people were very kind to me. I talked about them. I spoke just english. It is very good to me. Also, i ate some delicious dessert. It was awsome.........><
I cannot forget this experience. Thank you to give a this chance.

10/16/2012 1:30pm

To be honest it was not as goog as I amagine because I could not mingle with others. Also, the students were kind of shy to start talking to each other. I enjoyed the speech and got some pictures with the governor.


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