More than 300 Backpack Snack Packets were prepared for kids. 
Thank you Food Bank for letting us be a part of your amazing work. It was a great chance for us to work as a team and accomplish something for the community!!


Vanda Gomes
02/12/2013 7:12pm

Food Bank ...a great service that fights hunger and makes the world a better place!

Patricia de Azevedo
02/14/2013 8:51am

Helping is an art. An art of take care of someone with all your heart. It is a way to learn about patience, humble, and a way to reflect about our behavior.

Izabel C.A. Mendes
02/14/2013 8:54am

Helping in the Food Bank was a great experience. It shows that the union is stronger than the hunger. Together we can make a better world.

Elizabete Aparecida Bernardino
02/17/2013 5:46am

No matter where we are. We always can make a difference in other people's life.

Kelli Westphal
02/17/2013 6:01am

Elizabete, I totally agree!! And I think it's an important role of ours at teachers to engage in it with our students as it communicates the value, responsibility, and leadership we want our students to embody. Being the part of a truly global team, working in the Omaha community has been such a privilege! .....just makes me smile! :)

Maryam :)
02/18/2013 7:27pm

"Food Bank"! when I heard it the first time I was like "??"
Because the word bank in my dictionary is relate to money hh,
Do money = food?? !!!!
Being in Food bank was cool, we work togather as if we were ants:D.
( There is always a light between the darkness)= what we had done show that although there are group of people in need, there are also group of people who help! That's my opinion, Do you agree?!

02/18/2013 7:30pm

It was Great team work
( One hand can not clap)!


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