BRAZIL DAY was dedicated especially to the many Brazilians who lost their lives in the recent club fire.
The Brazilians truly welcomed us all and showed us the love and enthusiasm of the Brazilian people. Not only did they "show" us all things Brazilian, they invited us to join them in dancing, soccer, Brazilian games, and in learning more about the culture through the outstanding table displays.
Special thanks to the non-Brazilian Service Learning students who supported the Beveridge students as they taped interviews with international students during the event.
The Beveridge students "cleaned up" in terms of winning the quiz questions about Brazil's government, geography, and soccer history.....these kids are crazy smart! ("crazy" = slang for "really")


Elenice Vieira
02/05/2013 1:49pm

It was a pleasure to show our culture, our samba to people at UNO and Beveridge School!!! I wish you really liked!!! It was a great day!!!

02/06/2013 7:51pm

That day was Great!
I liked going around that room and see what Brazilian do and what is their culture.
I also like Samba dance, and the Carnival.
and what make that day be more cool and active, that Beveridge students were with us! what do you think guys??

02/06/2013 7:56pm

That day was WOOOOW,
I learn more about Brazilian culture with one of the beveridge students.
We had fun,
Thank you Brazilian ;)

02/08/2013 10:12pm

It was amazing!! I just loved it!! Thank you!!


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