COME AND SEE OUR "GLOBAL VOICES" QUILT which was created in partnership between Beveridge Middle School, ILUNO's Service Learning Class, and the UNION Gallery for Contemporary Art here in Omaha!
You will even be able to create a square for a future community quilt!


Beveridge students energetically contributed and jumped right in discussions about cities, regions, and countries....and how to most creatively represent these places in their quilt squares.

More than 300 Backpack Snack Packets were prepared for kids. 
Thank you Food Bank for letting us be a part of your amazing work. It was a great chance for us to work as a team and accomplish something for the community!!

BRAZIL DAY was dedicated especially to the many Brazilians who lost their lives in the recent club fire.
The Brazilians truly welcomed us all and showed us the love and enthusiasm of the Brazilian people. Not only did they "show" us all things Brazilian, they invited us to join them in dancing, soccer, Brazilian games, and in learning more about the culture through the outstanding table displays.
Special thanks to the non-Brazilian Service Learning students who supported the Beveridge students as they taped interviews with international students during the event.
The Beveridge students "cleaned up" in terms of winning the quiz questions about Brazil's government, geography, and soccer history.....these kids are crazy smart! ("crazy" = slang for "really")

We are all looking forward to experiencing BRAZIL during UNO's "Brazil Day" on Tuesday, 1/29. 
However, we also just saw in the news about the terrible fire in Santa Maria in which many people lost their lives. Voice of America reported that at least 230 lost their lives Sunday morning in a fire at a club. 
We want all of our Brazilian friends to know that our hearts are with you. When your country experiences a lost, it affects everyone. We are so sorry to hear this news. 
We love Brazil now more than ever because we've gotten to know each of you. 

Beveridge Middle School Tour and Around the World Lessons- Great Job Everyone!!
What did you love? What surprised you? What will you never forget?....

So much to learn about Brazil!
Counting in Arabic....quick guys, we only have 4 minutes for the lesson!
Conversations about culture, language, and geography.

Tuesday was our first day together! Wow! A lot of energy in one room....what a fantastic opportunity for all of us to not only get to know each other but also have an impact on the Omaha community.
Mohammed's smile says it all!

Is more better?
More chocolate is better. More time is better.
But more bills is bad. More snow can be bad unless you like to snow ski.
Today is our first day of Service-Learning! This session we'll have four instructors and maybe about 50 students all together! wow.....We have many more people than any other session so far.
How will we be able to work together? Will we all get along?
But wait......
More people means more relationships, more service, more new friends, and more learning.
I like more!